Wedding format and advice


After almost thirty years of experience, our best advice is to have fun! That's what we are here for. Our singing waiters performance lasts for approximately twenty minutes and is a mixture of opera favourites such as 'O sole mio', 'O mio babino caro', the drinking song from 'La Traviata' and of course 'Nessun dorma'.  We can also sing the 'Lakme duet' and the 'Pearl fishers duet' or perhaps 'Nella fantasia' or 'Time to say goodbye'.  We encourage you to choose great opera arias and ensembles but always allow us to adjust the program and add or subtract musical numbers so we can design the performance appropriately. We recommend that you allow us to sing over the main course and although we are flexible in this we do not however sing after speeches; it is always a disappointment when your guests get up from the tables for the toilet or the bar or even outside for a cigarette whilst we are singing, so please allow us to help you choose the right moment for our performance.

Good advice.

Have some, if not all the speeches, before you eat.  This is becoming more and more popular and saves members of your family sitting through a stressful supper, worrying about their words.

Tell the best man not to go on too long, as dinner is waiting and that he should not be rude to anyone!

Don't have too much music during the meal, people like to talk.

We never dance with the bride or groom. That's your job.

Have fun, again. We do!