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A stunning live classical cabaret for weddings and events.

Aphrodite are three sopranos who sing pop-opera, great classics and themes from film scores.  
Their fabulous voices bring a touch of glamour to your event, wedding or celebration.


Aphrodite have sung throughout the UK, the EU and India, bringing an elegance to events and celebrations with their beautiful singing.  Aphrodite perform a rich selection of music such as 'Nella Fantasia', 'Caruso', 'Barcarolle', 'Theme from Gladiator', 'Skyfall', 'Time to say goodbye', 'Never enough', the 'Lakme duet', and 'Kissing you'.

'Aphrodite on Saturday was magnificent. I received a wonderful letter from the client yesterday... Aphrodite was delightful'.


Peter Mackley,

Riviera Organisation, France.

The Singing Waiters present ‘Aphrodite’, an all girl group that sing classic songs and famous film themes.  Aphrodite are perfect for weddings and events that require something elegant and sophisticated.  Their performance is a staged show which can translate into most venues and spaces.  They have been engaged many times by 'Rivera organisation' in the south of France, singing at the villa Kerylos, and the Rothschild villa, cap ferrat and have toured extensively in the UK and the EU performing with their unique style and beautiful voices.


'Inoubliable, voilà le mot qui pourrait définir la soirée que vous nous avez offerte hier soir à Kérylos.

J’ai beaucoup apprécié la prestation de qualité des artistes qui ont donné de la voix et du cœur'.


Bruno Henri-Rousseau, Directeur, 

Villa Kérylos, Beaulieu-sur-Mer, France

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