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Lake Garda June 2023

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

OK There are gigs and then there are gigs. Singing for Georgie and Jonny in Sirmione, Lake Garda was a gig to remember. We sang on the pier over the lake which was attached to the Cortina Palace. After a few shenanigans from Dan and I we launched into a performance containing some of the most famous Italian repertoire such as La donna e mobile, Volare, O sole mio, the Brindisi, Nessun Dorma and finishing with Time to say goodbye.

Jonny and Georgie wote to us after the event.

Where to begin! You guys absolutely blew the doors off, you were sensational and absolutely thrilled our guests. Thankyou so much!

Ian, your bug juice stunt was hilarious and I can’t believe you got so many people to partake. So funny watching the ladies getting more than they bargained for, but once the reveal happened, it was just perfect! Really enjoyed the whole build up and Dan’s birthday to Bodget, you guys did a superb job. I don’t think anyone actually believed you were singing, what incredible voices that perfectly matched the stunning location, it really was the most fabulous moment for all of us.

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