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The Singing Waiters in Saint Malo, France

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

This was a great gig, we sailed with Brittany Ferries to sing for Jackie and Jocelyn for their 50th Anniversary. After the initial waiting at the reception we were discovered by the guests as English. Our French it seemed was not of the right caliber! I asked, "How did you know?" The reply said it all, "You speak French with an English accent."

So I explained that due to Brexit we were forced to find work in the EU and that learning French was a lifetime of hard work and to pay for it, we were doing a spot of waiting.

The guests still didn't know we were going to sing so when later when we burst into song, they concluded that the British were just very eccentric. Our singing bought the house down and both Jackie and Jocelyn were over the moon.

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